How to use Figma Template?

Learn more about how you can make a copy and use any free resume template in Figma to edit and download as pdf. 

Make a Copy

First Duplicate the Figma file your want to use. You need to create a free account on Figma to do that.
Learn more about Figma: 

Change the content

After making a copy of any resume template can use Figma tools to edit, add your content to the resume. You can even change the colors. 

Download as PDF

First Select the frame/artboard you will find a "export" option on the right panel. Click on "Export" you will see an option "PNG" change this to "PDF" and Export.
Enjoy. 😎

Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions are here. You can contact us for premium supports. 

How to edit text & images?

First, make sure you make a duplicate copy of the Figma file. Here is the link you can learn the basics in 10 minutes about Figma. 

How to export as PDF?

Select the artboard you will see an "Export" option on the right panel. Change the option "PNG" to "PDF" and Export.
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What about license of those Figma resume templates?

All the Resume templates under the CCO license.

Collection of free resume/cv template for personal use only. You are allowed add, modify or create your own version of resumes


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